Geometric Energy Corporation
An R&D and Consulting Firm


At Geometric Energy Corporation, our philosophy is to innovate, investigate, and explore. Both as a company and as individuals, we strive to invent, develop, and deploy technologies to provide positive transformational growth of civilization. The passion, intelligence, and drive found within our organization allows us to provide architectures and solutions to the most elusive and disruptive challenges facing the energy, defense, and computing industries. By retaining and delivering research and development for industry and government, we create an impactful difference to the areas in which we specialize.

Energy Systems

We research and develop energy generation and storage systems with a focus on renewable outcomes. Electrochemical, electromechanical, and highly concentrated photovoltaic devices have been at the core of this division to date.

Aerospace and Defense

Our Aerospace and Defense branch focuses on the development of novel technologies for the purpose of satellites and commercial space, as well as C4ISR-related projects to maintain safety, security, and technological preeminence within these fields.

Theory and Computation

This division features our advanced theoretical research projects in quantum gravity, higher dimensional geometry, and cryptography, as well as our advanced projects in quantum computing, ranging from photonics and hybrid electronics, to quantum information processing.

Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Our Blockchain and Cybersecurity division, GeometricLabs, features our collaborations with the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, IOTA Foundation, Spacebit Foundation, Imaginea io, and Decentralized Energy Operating System (DEOS), as well as our blockchain and cybersecurity technical consulting services.

Medical Technology

The IOTA Foundation eHealth collaboration with our medical division, Geometric Medical, and GeometricLabs. Geometric Medical focuses on biometric vision, non-invasive blood gas analyzers, and virtual reality.

Advanced Research Projects

Advanced Research Projects (ARP) division of Geometric Energy Corporation. Research and developmental phase completions of advanced theoretical research projects moving TRL phase to commercialization.


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